Fintech Association of Malaysia(FAOM)

Hello, we're are Fintech Malaysia!

Welcome to the Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM), a vibrant national platform advancing Fintech in Malaysia, powering the development of digital finance.

What do we do?

Driven by inclusivity, governance and sustainability, we are the “voice of the community” bridging the industry, regulators and the growing eco system. Whether you’re a start up, a unicorn looking to expand to Malaysia or a corporation looking into fintech, we are here to assist!

Developing & Growing?

We are the go-to channel for the latest information on industry, we will start conversation to help you take your vision forward.

Going Global?

We connect FinTech companies with potential partners, as well as regulators to support you in the next stage of growth.

Malaysia Bound?

We can assist with information on the domestic landscape and linkages to industry and Government to ease your entry to Malaysia.

Our Pillars
Regulatory Awareness

We believe in ensuring members have regulatory clarity and are consulted in legislative developments.


We believe in facilitating the growth of members by facilitating investments into the industry.

Tech Adoption

We believe that tech adoption in Malaysia is the key to the growth of the fintech industry.

Market Entry & Expansion

We believe in facilitating investment into Malaysia as a key market development enabler.

Talent Development

We believe that talent pipeline and development is the only way to truly stay ahead.